Brandon + Laura's June Wedding

Brandon + Laura tied the knot on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June at Laura’s home church. Their story began at a church camp and conference center located in Harrisonburg, VA. That camp also holds a special place in my own heart as well. What joy to share in that bond with them.

There were so many occasions on their day that filled my heart with joy while capturing them. The tears of heart warming love that Laura and her Father shared during their first look, the gleaming pride Laura’s mother had while pinning her veil, the proud moment Brandon’s father had when helping him adjust his pocket square just right, the special bond shared while Brandon’s mother pinned his boutonniere to his suit. And the many more that followed throughout the day.

Every time I took a moment of pause during their day, I found myself smiling and noticed everyone else around me smiling as well. That is how contagious their happiness was y’all! I truly have never seen two people more joyful to be in love and blessed with one another. What a blessing to be able to capture such love!

Their Bride and Groom portraits blew me away and not to mention cracked me up. Brandon and Laura are two ham’s when given the opportunity, which made capturing their portraits even more memorable and fun!

When it came time to edit their wedding images, God knew what he was doing. The day after their wedding I headed to that very conference center that brought them together. While staying there, I thought about how fitting it would be to edit their portrait images in this place that meant so much to them and their relationship. Y’all, this made editing their images just that much more personal and unique.

Brandon and Laura, It was a delight capturing your love and special day. I wish you many blessings upon your marriage and new life that you have started together.

With Love,



Matt + Amanda Maternity Portraits

After 6 hours of travel JD and I made it to Streetsboro, OH where Matt and Amanda’s maternity session would take place. This session was a bit unique as we are related to the subjects, as Amanda is JD’s cousin.

I love the opportunity of photographing special moments in my families life, especially this new awesome family i’ve just “Officially” become a part of. Y’all they are so full of love and laughter that you can’t help but be overwhelmingly happy when you are with them.

What we thought was going to be a nasty, storming afternoon, turned into a beautiful sunshine day! Although, I think we would all agree the heat could have been a little less prevalent.

With most of the family in town for the holiday weekend, Matt and Amanda began their session….with an entourage of 5 people! Having a group of family tag along to the shoot was an absolute blast! They provided extra assistance and whole lot of laughter.

Matt and Amanda were nothing short of perfect models throughout their entire shoot, making my job very easy! They share such a love for each other that is evident in just being present with them. As they begin this new journey in preparing for the arrival of their little girl, the love they share has grown stronger. What a lucky little girl to be blessed with such a loving set of parents.

Towards the end of their session the entourage didn’t want to be left behind the camera anymore and jumped in for family photos! What a great group to be able to capture.

Thank you Matt and Amanda for allowing me to capture this special time in your lives together.

And thank you to JD’s family for allowing me to capture the joy and happiness that radiates from your family.

With lots of love,



Oakley Family Photos

One of top favorite things about being able to capture the lives of my clients, is when they become repeat clients. Being able to see the growth of my clients over a period of time through my photos is such a unique thing to provide as well as experience from the outside looking in.

That is exactly what I have been able to do with this sweet family. When sweet Landon came into the world I was given the pleasure of capturing his new born photos. Seeing him so tiny and new to the world was so exciting, and not to mention really stinking cute! (Even if he did pee on our set towards the end, HA!)

Fast forward two years and this little guy doesn’t slow down much, constantly keeping his loving parents very busy. His smile melts hearts and his personality makes you laugh. Although he is the center of the show, his parents love shows clearly and evidently through each and every photo they take with each other.

Their session was on a cool spring evening just as the weather had begun to warm up. I have favorite locations all over that I like to shoot at, but there are a few that will always be near and dear to my heart. This location happened to be at my parents home in Mocksville, NC. For weeks prior to the session I BEGGED my Dad to not cut the grass as it was “Picture Perfect”. With a few eye rolls, he agreed to leave it alone! And boy y’all, it didn't disappoint!

This sweet family radiates love for one another. Watching them grow as well as Landon grow has been an honor and joy. Last year at Landon’s one year photos, we shared BBQ chips, this year we shared goldfish. Im interested to see what our snack of choice will be next year, as i’m greatly looking forward to that session and snack.

Thank you Oakley family for allowing me to capture your beautiful, kind, loving family. Its a true joy.

With Love,



Mothers Day Portraits


This is what its all about.

I planned this session for weeks. I knew exactly where I wanted the location to be and I knew exactly what I wanted to capture. I wanted to capture multiple generations of a family in one photo. Who else better to do that, than with my own family?

I captured my mother, who is my inspiration, my rock and my best friend. I can not say enough about her and what she has done in my life.

I captured my grandmother. Who is my strength, my heart and my forever safe space. She has always cared for me in ways only a sweet grandmother can.

These two women molded me into who I am. These two women are who I am.

I wanted to capture them in a space that meant the most to all three of us. I wanted to capture their personalities and their bond .

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, my Mom and I drove to my grandmothers house. Her house is located down many windy country roads, surrounded by many many cows and lots of beautiful mountains. Her home was built by my grandfather and they invisioned every aspect of their home together. Our family gathers at their home for every holiday and celebration. Its the center of all our family’s memorable moments.

Each time our family gathers together, everyone at some point takes a trip out to this front porch swing. This is the same porch swing that hung on their home during my childhood. This swing has been with me my entire life, along with the two women that inhabit it in these images.

What better way to capture them than in the place that means the most to our family, sitting in the swing that that i’ve swung in since a child, laughing at each other, like they always have.

Photos are our greatest gift in life. they capture people and moments in time so that years after those moments and people have passed, you can look back and remember them vividly.

I want nothing more, than two remember these two women, exactly like these photos capture them.


Although they were not in this shoot, it definitely goes to say, I would not be where I am today, without all 4 of these women. The title “Aunt” should be renamed to bonus moms.

Take a moment today to thank you mothers, grandmothers and bonus moms for all they have done for you.

Happy Mothers Day Mom, MawMaw, Aunt Paula, Aunt Karen.  I love you All!

Happy Mothers Day Mom, MawMaw, Aunt Paula, Aunt Karen.

I love you All!

Ashley + Andrew Couple Session


With all of the rain and gloomy weather that North Carolina has been suffering through recently, I wanted to share Ashley and Andrews spring session. To remind us all that after every storm there is beauty. The green blooms in magnitude, the air is fresh, the sun is warm and we get to enjoy the beauty that spring has has finally sprung. As I look forward to this change in season, I reflect back on an evening spent at my parents beautiful property capturing with these two.

Ashley and Andrew are no new clients. These two have been in my life for many years. Andrew since birth and Ashley since the 8th grade. Andrew is my cousin and we grew up very close. Ashley became one of my best friends in 8th grade and we’ve carried our friendship since, and now she gets to be apart of the family!

You can imagine the excitement I experienced when I found out Andrew was going to propose! I was even more excited when they agreed to let me capture them just a few weeks after. There is nothing like the glow a couple has after getting engaged. The comforting fact knowing that the person that means the world to you, has agreed to spend all their days forward loving and caring for you. Gives me the chills every time I get to witness that in couples that I capture.

These two are all smiles when they are around each other. Relationships are hard work and are not always easy, but these two make it seem all worth the while. During their shoot they could not stop smiling. It was such a sweet thing to witness, as they were having so much fun just hanging out and being with each other. The simplicity of just laughing with each other brought them each such joy and peace, and it was reflected in their expressions. What a blessing to each other to know, that the person they will be spending the rest of their lives with, brings them such joy and comfort.

May we all have the happiness these two share and may we all look forward to the spring weather that is to come.

Ashley and Andrew, it was a joy to capture the special love that the two of you share and I truly can not wait to see all the joys that life will have to offer you as this new season of life begins for you. I love you both and wish you the best!

With love,



Jonathan + April Couple Photos


What started out as a rainy gloomy day, turned out to be a nice fall evening filled with laughter, love and little frisbee throwing.

April and Jonathan are two kind hearted people who have a strong love for each other and their fur babies. When photographing them it was apparent just how much they loved each other but I didn’t notice the effect that love had on me until editing their images. When working with their images I noticed that as I worked I was smiling without even noticing. Have you ever been around people who have such a strong love for each other that it just makes you so stinking happy and reminds you the magic that love can bring to others as well as ourselves? Because thats what these two do for me.

Throughout their session, the real stars of the evening made themselves known consistently. Roscoe and Obi are their adorable and sweet fur babies and y’all the camera LOVED THEM!! Roscoe and the love he shares for his red frisbee is something fierce. Throughout their couple session Roscoe let Jonathan know that he could love April and take photos with her, but that when it was time to throw frisbee, that was priority. All while Obi explored anything and everything he could find.

April and Jonathan it was a pleasure to capture your sweet family and I can honestly say it was one of the most entertaining and love filled shoots i’ve been apart of. Thank you for sharing that joy and happiness that fills your lives with me for an evening.

With Love,



A Vineyard Styled Shoot

There is nothing I love more in this industry than getting together with other creatives and sharing our joy and love for what we do with one another. Not only does doing this boost your passion and drive for what and why you do it, but you also are reminded that you are surrounded by a community of people supporting you who do the same thing you do and love it just as much as you do. The sense of community is a true blessing to be apart of and experience.

Since joining this community I have been pleasantly and wonderfully surprised at the love and support others have extended to me. I decided a while back that I really wanted to put my organizational skills to the test and combine them with my creative skills as well. This lead me to organize, plan, design and get really excited about my first styled shoot.

I made lists, called vendors and planned my little heart away for weeks. When the day finally came it literally felt like Christmas morning. I was so excited to capture the fun awesome day that lie ahead as well as work with some amazing vendors that I had developed relationships with along the way.

This day was a fun and beautiful reminder of why I will never work a day in my life if I have a camera in my hand, capturing weddings and being involved in the wedding industry.

Thank you to these amazing vendors for extending your talents, time, space, materials and wonderful selves to make this shoot what it was. I hope to do it all again soon.

With Love,


Hair: Kayla Clodfelter Hair

Makeup: April Nicole Artistry

Venue: Raylen Vineyards & Winery

Dress + Veil: Songbirds Bridal, Formal & Consignments

Model: Hailey Medder


Jennifer + Alex Holiday Session


A few weeks ago I started capturing couple portraits and family portraits in the midst of Christmas quickly approaching. I have been waiting to share these and y’all i’m too excited!!!!

Jennifer has always been a huge supporter of my business since day 1. Anytime we get to book a session together there is a joint Pinterest board built and lots of excitement leading up to the day of the shoot. Her holiday shoot was nothing less than pure excitement and lots of firsts.

I have captured Jennfier many times before, but I had never had the pleasure of capturing her groom, Alex alongside her. Getting to finally capture these two in front of the camera together was literally nothing short of magical. Y’all their relationship is so uniquely awesome. When the two get together all you do is laugh as thats all they do. You can tell they are best friends the way the joke around with each other, but in the sweet moments you can also tell the 100% pure joy they bring each other.

Jennifer is a lover of all animals, but has a soft spot for horses. She has a best horse buddy named Dillon that has been in her life for many many years. Recently, Dillon gained a new best friend, Nick! Nick joined the barn family where dillon lives as he needed a break from the career world….yes, i’m still talking about horses. Nick is a retired Budweiser Clydesdale!

I have never been this excited and geeked out over a shoot. Thanks Jennifer and Alex for letting me capture the beauty of your relationship. As well as your awesome horse friends.

With Love,



Preston + Taylor Couple Portraits


On a chilly winter evening, in a Hayfeild out in Mocksville, I met Taylor and Preston. Preston and I have known each other our whole lives as we are related! I didn’t meet his sweet Taylor until a few years ago, but just spending 5 minutes with her you can tell how sweet of a person she truly is. After planning and planning with these two Charlotte forty niners I was finally able to get them in front of the camera and the results make my heart fill with happiness.

Throughout their entire shoot they could not contain their giggles and laughter. They were so happy and filled with joy that I couldn’t help but smile. It is so clear that all it takes for them to be happy, is to be with each other.

Every now and again my clients will get a treat and I will have JD tag along to shoots with me either to help assist me or to just hang out as I am shooting. This was one of those cases. The best part was being able to physically show Preston and Taylor some of the easy posing tips and tricks with JD. Its one thing to be able to explain these tips, its another to be able to give a physical example. Our favorite was teaching Preston and Taylor the classic dance move, “The Dip”. You would never know these two had never done it before, as they were pros by the end of the session.

Taylor and Preston, capturing the joy and love that surrounds the two of you was a blast and pleasure. I can’t wait to see where life takes the two of you as I am sure it will be great. Always keep each other laughing, as it spreads joy to those around you.

With Love,



Madison Senior Portraits


In the early spring this sweet family friend of mine, Madison, met me to capture her senior portraits. Graduating from my former High School and now attending my Alma Mater Appalachian State, we had plenty to talk about as well as be excited about.

Now that she has settled into her new mountain home, I figured it was time to share her wonderful portraits with you all. We met on a toasty spring evening, in downtown Winston-Salem. Accompanied by her sweet boyfriend Luke and supportive Mom we made our way around the town finding the best spots. Being 5 ft tall and photographing those who are taller than me, I typically carry a step stool to every shoot I have. Madison’s sweet Luke carried my stool throughout our entire shoot as I had my hands full. And her mom Angie stood aside watching her sweet little girl all grown up and you could clearly see the joy she had in her eyes while we were shooting. How awesome that she came with this crew to our shoot!?

After a second outfit change in downtown Winston it was time to head to our second location, the hayfields of Mocksville. Madison wanted to show her love for the city but also the love the she has for the country. Most tend to pick one or the other but Madison had a love for both and we honored that.

Throughout her entire shoot she never missed a beat while in front of the camera. If its not already obvious from her photos, Madison was born to be in front of the camera.

It was a joy capturing you in such an exciting time in your life Madison, as well as spending time with your sweet Luke and amazing Mom. I can not wait to see what the future holds for you in that sweet Boone town. Enjoy every second, as they are truly the best 4 years of your life.

With Love,



Coffee With Sam

Hi There!

Im Sam, the owner of McNoldy Photo! The first thing you should know about me, I have a serious love for coffee! So in honor of that wonderful fuel boosting drink, grab a cup while you read and get to know me more!

Best Latte Ive Ever had!  Paris, France.

Best Latte Ive Ever had!

Paris, France.


Lets just dive right on into this shall we? Im 24 years old, a wife to my best friend JD and a dog mom to the cutest furry pup there ever was, MIa. You Will see their faces flood this space often as I love capturing them and showing them off to the world. I am an organizational nut, an outdoor adventurer, a friend to many, and a romantic at heart. Im also a Wedding & Portrait Photographer currently based out of Greensboro, NC. With a heart to travel I never limit where I photograph, thus my services are available for booking world wide.


My Best Friend & Husband, J.D.

JD and I are recently married but have been together for over 7 years. We were high school best friends turned to high school sweethearts. We’ve grown into the adults we try to be (lets face it, were kids at heart) together and walked through so many different seasons of life together. We can often be found in the mountains adventuring or outdoors in some form. We love to travel to new places, experience new things, mountain bike and hike. The love that we have grown and share is what inspires me to capture and be apart of so many others love stories.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Fur Baby Mia!

Mia and I came to be partners in crime by fate. Mia was JD’s family dog long before I came into the picture. However, when I came into the picture everything changed. Not 6 months into our relationship Mia was attached to me like you would never believe. She would run and jump into my arms the second I was through their door, and would cry for hours after I left. It didn’t take long for everyone to realize we had a special connection. When I got an apartment alone in college, JDs parents admitted the inevitable defeat and gave Mia to me for good. She’s been spoiled like crazy ever since.


Organization & Lists

My love and need for organization 100% came from my mother, who is just as weird about lists, schedules and calendars as I am. Since high school I have constantly been on the go and hardly ever slow down, I've always thrived on being busy. Having such a full schedule forced me to always have a calendar so that I know what is going on and when. At some point I also developed a habit and love of making lists. I always have a to do list and throughly enjoy crossing things off it. This love of organzation has been an asset in operating my photography business and is always helpful when it comes to my sessions with clients.

Sentimental Value

I don’t know when I became sentimental about special moments and memories in my life, but i’m glad I did. It allows me to appreciate and take in the moments fully that are happening and want to remember and cherish them for as long as I can. Having this appreciation about time and people helps drive the passion and importance of my job as a photographer. I understand the responsibility my clients have entrusted to me and take it seriously, but in a fun meaningful way.

Romantic At Heart

After years of denying it, I will finally admit to being a romantic a heart. I love watching romantic comedies and seeing how the love story comes together. The first thing I ask my couples when we meet is to tell me their story and how they fell in love. Its like watching a movie but witnessing it in reality. I cry at every single wedding I attend or photograph, especially when the bride & groom see each other for the first time.

Fun Facts & A Goodbye For Now

Fun Fact #1


My Dad is a freakishly good Elvis Impersonator, thus encouraging me to always be a ham when given the opportunity.

Fun Fact #2


I love hanging off of this rock and sending a picture to my Mom, as it makes her very nervous. The view is also fantastic too.

This is one of my favorite hikes in Boone, NC.

Fun Fact #3


I’ve not only visited & seen the Eiffel tower, but also went up into it. I cried when I saw it realizing that I had accomplished the #1 thing on my bucket list.

Fun Fact #4


I am a HUGE Harry Potter Nerd. I went to every single one of the movie midnight premieres. BUT- I have only read up to book #4. One day I will read all of the books!!

I love a good Harry Potter Movie Marathon.

Thank you for having a cup of coffee and getting to know me more. I hope to one day be capturing the beautiful moments life has to offer for you.

With Love,