Preston + Taylor Couple Portraits


On a chilly winter evening, in a Hayfeild out in Mocksville, I met Taylor and Preston. Preston and I have known each other our whole lives as we are related! I didn’t meet his sweet Taylor until a few years ago, but just spending 5 minutes with her you can tell how sweet of a person she truly is. After planning and planning with these two Charlotte forty niners I was finally able to get them in front of the camera and the results make my heart fill with happiness.

Throughout their entire shoot they could not contain their giggles and laughter. They were so happy and filled with joy that I couldn’t help but smile. It is so clear that all it takes for them to be happy, is to be with each other.

Every now and again my clients will get a treat and I will have JD tag along to shoots with me either to help assist me or to just hang out as I am shooting. This was one of those cases. The best part was being able to physically show Preston and Taylor some of the easy posing tips and tricks with JD. Its one thing to be able to explain these tips, its another to be able to give a physical example. Our favorite was teaching Preston and Taylor the classic dance move, “The Dip”. You would never know these two had never done it before, as they were pros by the end of the session.

Taylor and Preston, capturing the joy and love that surrounds the two of you was a blast and pleasure. I can’t wait to see where life takes the two of you as I am sure it will be great. Always keep each other laughing, as it spreads joy to those around you.

With Love,