Coffee With Sam

Hi There!

Im Sam, the owner of McNoldy Photo! The first thing you should know about me, I have a serious love for coffee! So in honor of that wonderful fuel boosting drink, grab a cup while you read and get to know me more!

Best Latte Ive Ever had!  Paris, France.

Best Latte Ive Ever had!

Paris, France.


Lets just dive right on into this shall we? Im 24 years old, a wife to my best friend JD and a dog mom to the cutest furry pup there ever was, MIa. You Will see their faces flood this space often as I love capturing them and showing them off to the world. I am an organizational nut, an outdoor adventurer, a friend to many, and a romantic at heart. Im also a Wedding & Portrait Photographer currently based out of Greensboro, NC. With a heart to travel I never limit where I photograph, thus my services are available for booking world wide.


My Best Friend & Husband, J.D.

JD and I are recently married but have been together for over 7 years. We were high school best friends turned to high school sweethearts. We’ve grown into the adults we try to be (lets face it, were kids at heart) together and walked through so many different seasons of life together. We can often be found in the mountains adventuring or outdoors in some form. We love to travel to new places, experience new things, mountain bike and hike. The love that we have grown and share is what inspires me to capture and be apart of so many others love stories.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Fur Baby Mia!

Mia and I came to be partners in crime by fate. Mia was JD’s family dog long before I came into the picture. However, when I came into the picture everything changed. Not 6 months into our relationship Mia was attached to me like you would never believe. She would run and jump into my arms the second I was through their door, and would cry for hours after I left. It didn’t take long for everyone to realize we had a special connection. When I got an apartment alone in college, JDs parents admitted the inevitable defeat and gave Mia to me for good. She’s been spoiled like crazy ever since.


Organization & Lists

My love and need for organization 100% came from my mother, who is just as weird about lists, schedules and calendars as I am. Since high school I have constantly been on the go and hardly ever slow down, I've always thrived on being busy. Having such a full schedule forced me to always have a calendar so that I know what is going on and when. At some point I also developed a habit and love of making lists. I always have a to do list and throughly enjoy crossing things off it. This love of organzation has been an asset in operating my photography business and is always helpful when it comes to my sessions with clients.

Sentimental Value

I don’t know when I became sentimental about special moments and memories in my life, but i’m glad I did. It allows me to appreciate and take in the moments fully that are happening and want to remember and cherish them for as long as I can. Having this appreciation about time and people helps drive the passion and importance of my job as a photographer. I understand the responsibility my clients have entrusted to me and take it seriously, but in a fun meaningful way.

Romantic At Heart

After years of denying it, I will finally admit to being a romantic a heart. I love watching romantic comedies and seeing how the love story comes together. The first thing I ask my couples when we meet is to tell me their story and how they fell in love. Its like watching a movie but witnessing it in reality. I cry at every single wedding I attend or photograph, especially when the bride & groom see each other for the first time.

Fun Facts & A Goodbye For Now

Fun Fact #1


My Dad is a freakishly good Elvis Impersonator, thus encouraging me to always be a ham when given the opportunity.

Fun Fact #2


I love hanging off of this rock and sending a picture to my Mom, as it makes her very nervous. The view is also fantastic too.

This is one of my favorite hikes in Boone, NC.

Fun Fact #3


I’ve not only visited & seen the Eiffel tower, but also went up into it. I cried when I saw it realizing that I had accomplished the #1 thing on my bucket list.

Fun Fact #4


I am a HUGE Harry Potter Nerd. I went to every single one of the movie midnight premieres. BUT- I have only read up to book #4. One day I will read all of the books!!

I love a good Harry Potter Movie Marathon.

Thank you for having a cup of coffee and getting to know me more. I hope to one day be capturing the beautiful moments life has to offer for you.

With Love,