Matt + Amanda Maternity Portraits

After 6 hours of travel JD and I made it to Streetsboro, OH where Matt and Amanda’s maternity session would take place. This session was a bit unique as we are related to the subjects, as Amanda is JD’s cousin.

I love the opportunity of photographing special moments in my families life, especially this new awesome family i’ve just “Officially” become a part of. Y’all they are so full of love and laughter that you can’t help but be overwhelmingly happy when you are with them.

What we thought was going to be a nasty, storming afternoon, turned into a beautiful sunshine day! Although, I think we would all agree the heat could have been a little less prevalent.

With most of the family in town for the holiday weekend, Matt and Amanda began their session….with an entourage of 5 people! Having a group of family tag along to the shoot was an absolute blast! They provided extra assistance and whole lot of laughter.

Matt and Amanda were nothing short of perfect models throughout their entire shoot, making my job very easy! They share such a love for each other that is evident in just being present with them. As they begin this new journey in preparing for the arrival of their little girl, the love they share has grown stronger. What a lucky little girl to be blessed with such a loving set of parents.

Towards the end of their session the entourage didn’t want to be left behind the camera anymore and jumped in for family photos! What a great group to be able to capture.

Thank you Matt and Amanda for allowing me to capture this special time in your lives together.

And thank you to JD’s family for allowing me to capture the joy and happiness that radiates from your family.

With lots of love,