Mothers Day Portraits


This is what its all about.

I planned this session for weeks. I knew exactly where I wanted the location to be and I knew exactly what I wanted to capture. I wanted to capture multiple generations of a family in one photo. Who else better to do that, than with my own family?

I captured my mother, who is my inspiration, my rock and my best friend. I can not say enough about her and what she has done in my life.

I captured my grandmother. Who is my strength, my heart and my forever safe space. She has always cared for me in ways only a sweet grandmother can.

These two women molded me into who I am. These two women are who I am.

I wanted to capture them in a space that meant the most to all three of us. I wanted to capture their personalities and their bond .

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, my Mom and I drove to my grandmothers house. Her house is located down many windy country roads, surrounded by many many cows and lots of beautiful mountains. Her home was built by my grandfather and they invisioned every aspect of their home together. Our family gathers at their home for every holiday and celebration. Its the center of all our family’s memorable moments.

Each time our family gathers together, everyone at some point takes a trip out to this front porch swing. This is the same porch swing that hung on their home during my childhood. This swing has been with me my entire life, along with the two women that inhabit it in these images.

What better way to capture them than in the place that means the most to our family, sitting in the swing that that i’ve swung in since a child, laughing at each other, like they always have.

Photos are our greatest gift in life. they capture people and moments in time so that years after those moments and people have passed, you can look back and remember them vividly.

I want nothing more, than two remember these two women, exactly like these photos capture them.


Although they were not in this shoot, it definitely goes to say, I would not be where I am today, without all 4 of these women. The title “Aunt” should be renamed to bonus moms.

Take a moment today to thank you mothers, grandmothers and bonus moms for all they have done for you.

Happy Mothers Day Mom, MawMaw, Aunt Paula, Aunt Karen.  I love you All!

Happy Mothers Day Mom, MawMaw, Aunt Paula, Aunt Karen.

I love you All!