Jonathan + April Couple Photos


What started out as a rainy gloomy day, turned out to be a nice fall evening filled with laughter, love and little frisbee throwing.

April and Jonathan are two kind hearted people who have a strong love for each other and their fur babies. When photographing them it was apparent just how much they loved each other but I didn’t notice the effect that love had on me until editing their images. When working with their images I noticed that as I worked I was smiling without even noticing. Have you ever been around people who have such a strong love for each other that it just makes you so stinking happy and reminds you the magic that love can bring to others as well as ourselves? Because thats what these two do for me.

Throughout their session, the real stars of the evening made themselves known consistently. Roscoe and Obi are their adorable and sweet fur babies and y’all the camera LOVED THEM!! Roscoe and the love he shares for his red frisbee is something fierce. Throughout their couple session Roscoe let Jonathan know that he could love April and take photos with her, but that when it was time to throw frisbee, that was priority. All while Obi explored anything and everything he could find.

April and Jonathan it was a pleasure to capture your sweet family and I can honestly say it was one of the most entertaining and love filled shoots i’ve been apart of. Thank you for sharing that joy and happiness that fills your lives with me for an evening.

With Love,