Jennifer + Alex Holiday Session


A few weeks ago I started capturing couple portraits and family portraits in the midst of Christmas quickly approaching. I have been waiting to share these and y’all i’m too excited!!!!

Jennifer has always been a huge supporter of my business since day 1. Anytime we get to book a session together there is a joint Pinterest board built and lots of excitement leading up to the day of the shoot. Her holiday shoot was nothing less than pure excitement and lots of firsts.

I have captured Jennfier many times before, but I had never had the pleasure of capturing her groom, Alex alongside her. Getting to finally capture these two in front of the camera together was literally nothing short of magical. Y’all their relationship is so uniquely awesome. When the two get together all you do is laugh as thats all they do. You can tell they are best friends the way the joke around with each other, but in the sweet moments you can also tell the 100% pure joy they bring each other.

Jennifer is a lover of all animals, but has a soft spot for horses. She has a best horse buddy named Dillon that has been in her life for many many years. Recently, Dillon gained a new best friend, Nick! Nick joined the barn family where dillon lives as he needed a break from the career world….yes, i’m still talking about horses. Nick is a retired Budweiser Clydesdale!

I have never been this excited and geeked out over a shoot. Thanks Jennifer and Alex for letting me capture the beauty of your relationship. As well as your awesome horse friends.

With Love,