Madison Senior Portraits


In the early spring this sweet family friend of mine, Madison, met me to capture her senior portraits. Graduating from my former High School and now attending my Alma Mater Appalachian State, we had plenty to talk about as well as be excited about.

Now that she has settled into her new mountain home, I figured it was time to share her wonderful portraits with you all. We met on a toasty spring evening, in downtown Winston-Salem. Accompanied by her sweet boyfriend Luke and supportive Mom we made our way around the town finding the best spots. Being 5 ft tall and photographing those who are taller than me, I typically carry a step stool to every shoot I have. Madison’s sweet Luke carried my stool throughout our entire shoot as I had my hands full. And her mom Angie stood aside watching her sweet little girl all grown up and you could clearly see the joy she had in her eyes while we were shooting. How awesome that she came with this crew to our shoot!?

After a second outfit change in downtown Winston it was time to head to our second location, the hayfields of Mocksville. Madison wanted to show her love for the city but also the love the she has for the country. Most tend to pick one or the other but Madison had a love for both and we honored that.

Throughout her entire shoot she never missed a beat while in front of the camera. If its not already obvious from her photos, Madison was born to be in front of the camera.

It was a joy capturing you in such an exciting time in your life Madison, as well as spending time with your sweet Luke and amazing Mom. I can not wait to see what the future holds for you in that sweet Boone town. Enjoy every second, as they are truly the best 4 years of your life.

With Love,